Site Tips

The Payments Innovation Alliance Exchange is an exclusive members-only community where, along with your colleagues, you can CONNECT, ENGAGE and TRANSFORM the payments industry. This page will show you the basics to get started and make the most out of this member benefit.

To access member content on the Alliance Exchange, click the Sign In button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Your user name (email) and password are the same as they are for the NACHA website. If you have not created one previously, you can do that on the Login page that will appear when you click Sign In.



Look for other members by name, company or email address by using the Directory link. Or dig deeper by using the Advanced Search function to look for people using specific criteria. Once you’ve found that person you can view profiles, send messages or add as a contact.



Participate in discussions or start your own. Click on Reply to Discussion for a list of ways to participate. Discussion may be formal or informal and will appear in the next Daily Digest sent to all member contacts.


As part of the community, you are automatically subscribed to receive a daily digest of activity on the Exchange. You may view and/or edit your email subscriptions by going to My Profile > My Account > Community Notifications. 


Personalize your profile by adding information such as your bio, professional interests, personal hobbies and even a profile picture. The site even creates networks based on your demographics. TIP: the quickest way to access your profile is to click on the arrow next to the Sign In button after you have logged in. (always in the upper right hand corner).


Use this to control the amount of information other members see on your profile. Once logged in, go to My Profile > My Account > Privacy Settings. From there, you can choose what information others can see or not see. Be sure to click the “Save” button to save changes.




This feature creates an organized list in your profile so you can easily access who you are looking for. To do this simply click on the “Add as Contact” button on the right once you’ve found the individual in the Directory.



To create a blog post simply click on the homepage “News/Blogs” tab, and click the “More” button in. Then click on the “Create a New Blog” button.  Create a title for your blog, insert the content, chose who can read it and make comments on the entry and then click “Publish”.




If you need additional help with The Alliance Exchange please click the “Contact Us” button and you will be directed to an automated email so that your question will be routed to the appropriate person. If you need immediate support, please contact our Member Services Department at 703/561-1100 and they can direct your call.



Quick Ways to Get Started

Click on the Participate link (in the main navigation bar):

  • Post a Message: this will start a new Discussion.
  • Post to Your Blog: this will allow you to start a new blog.
  • Share a File: this will allow you to upload a document to be shared with your peers.