Los Angeles Alliance Meeting Book

  1. Agenda

  2. Attendee List

  3. Chatham House Rule:  NACHA’s Alliance membership meetings follow the Chatham House Rule to allow for open discussion.

    "When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed." This allows for a more candid and open discussion without worrying opinions will be attributed to employers.

Speaker Biographies

Session Presentations:

Wednesday, February 22

  1. API 101 - The technology is not new but the applications are leading innovation
    Presenters: George Throckmorton and Kathy Levin, NACHA

  2. Blockchain 101
    Presenter: Al Pascual, Javelin Strategy & Research

  3. NACHA Rules Update for 2017 and Discussion
    Facilitator: Amy Morris, NACHA

Thursday, February 23

  1. Reducing ACH Risk for Business - Interative Discussion
    Facilitator: Rob Unger, NACHA 

  2. P2P Discussion
    Facilitator: Samantha Carrier, NACHA

  3. Personalizing the Online Experience in eBilling
    Facilitator: Preston Thornton, Inlet

  4. Opening General Session - Payments in 2017; What Can We Expect?
    Presenter:  Scott Harkey, Levvel

  5. APIs and ACH - NACHA and Accenture Project
    Presenters: George Throckmorton, NACHA and Kevin Kohut, Accenture

  6. Innovation in Cross-Border Payments - What's Real and What's Hype?
    Presenters: David Lefferts, SWIFT and Gene Neyer, D+H
    Moderator: David Chance, Dovetail

  7. Staying Out of the Hot Pot: Leassons Learned from Government Payment-Related Enforcements
    Panelists: Alysa Hutnik, Kelley, Drye and Warren LLP, Tom Syta, FTC and Ryan Wilhelm, Discover Financial
    Moderator: Matt Luzadder, Kelley, Drye and Warren LLP

  8. Blockchain Reality Check - Where the Industry is and Isn't....
    Presenter: Diana Adachi, Accenture
    Moderator: Peter Tapling, Early Warning

  9. ACH and Rewards
    Speakers: Stephen Goodrich, ZipLine and Paul Paradis, Sezzle
    Moderator: Deborah Matthews Phillips, Jack Henry & Associates

  10. Regulation and Innovation
    Panelists: Doug Johnson, American Bankers Assocation and Marsha Jones, Third Party Payment Processors Assocation
    Moderator: Mary Gilmeister, WACHA

  11. APIs in Action - What Fintech's think about data sharing practices and the future
    Panelists: Samar Shah, Digit, Brad Nightengale, Yodlee and Joe Proto, Transactis
    Moderator: George Throckmorton, NACHA

  12. Blockchain in Action - Real World Stories
    Panelists: Neville Arjani, Payments Canada and Siva Kannan, Gem
    Moderator: Mary Ann Francis, Wipro

  13. The State of the ACH Debit: Messages, Micro-tweaks and Moonshots - Session Notes
    Facilitator: Rob Unger, NACHA

  14. Idea Labs
  • Feedzai- Shruthi Rao and Mark Wert
  • Sezzle - Paul Paradis
  • Traxpay - Markus Rupprecht



Friday, February 24

  1. Regulatory Landscape for 2017 - What Can You Expect?
    Presenter: Keith Barnett, Troutman Sanders LLP

  2. Same Day ACH - The Real Deal (looks back at 2016 and ahead to debits)
    Presenter: Amy Morris, NACHA

  3. Integrating Promotional Offers with Payments
    Facilitators: Richard Crone and Heidi Liebenguth, Crone Consulting

  4. Closing Session - Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
    Presenter: Mike Bergman, Consumer Technology Association
    Moderator: Fred Laing, UMACHA